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A  Warm  Welcome  to  ASTLEY  AQUATICS  web site
 We have been supplying HIGH QUALITY Rift  Lake Cichlids for twenty  years ,and we   
 always  maintained  the  same high  standard  of  service---commitment----and  FISH,
 through  the `web`,  as  has  been  the case since we started out.    Fish were always  
 sent  to you  by  COURIER  overnight,  to be delivered  to  your home or place of work
 before  NOON  the  following day.  See the  SPECIES + Description Listings, for help
 in either identification , or selection for colour contrasts. There should be everything  
 you  need to select  a kaleidoscope of natural beauty. We now no longer supply fish.
         Should you want assistance however , we will still help where possible.
     -- Colourful selections can be recommended to suit  your tank size or other criteria.
     -- All  the  photographs you see have been taken by us, of fish that  we have owned
         over  the years.  They  are all   `copywrite protected`   by  Astley Aquatics .
                              We will endeavor to resolve all queries as they arise.                  
  Thanks in advance for visiting our site.
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