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Brief  History.
 With a  family  background  in tropical  fishkeeping,  from my  father being a founder                  
 member of  Bury  Aquarist  Society  fifty  years ago,  I have acquired a knowledge of
 keeping and  breeding many  fish  species , including most Barbs and  Tetras, Killies
 and Discus,  when all  fish  were scarce and not readily  available  as most are today.
 I came to  keep  MALAWI  and  TANGANYIKAN  fish  26 years ago,  and  now  I  would
 never  keep any  other  than ` RIFT LAKE`  species ever again.
Basic but Essential Advice  
 Malawis are  naturally  community  minded  fish, even though they are  territorial  by
 nature. I find it is the  fish  keeper who  creates the incorrect environment for his fish.
 Malawis  do  develop  full color even if kept  in a  bare tank,  but a balance has  to be
 struck between the visual appeal of  the aquarium, and the special NEEDS of the fish.
 If a  tank is  "filled with rockwork",  as  is  said  to  be  required  by  most  modern day  
 writers  (excluding  this  one!),  the  fish  will  self-create a  heirachy,  with  one totally
 dominant  male,  who  doesn`t  breed,  as  he is constantly  chasing,  not only his own
 females, but everything else in the tank.  He will be harrassing most other males,and
 some females, to death.The rockwork display  should be designed to give cover from
 view, rather  than a  blind cave to protect as  his own domain, or to hide in. Construct
 pyramids of TUFA rock, ( CLICK how to build  in`Question` page),  without any "blind"
 caves, bridged across  with slate, then the fish just swim around them, and not in and
 out of caves, battling with their tankmates.Never lean any rockwork against the back
 glass of your tank, it is a place you can`t see, and if you do have any `sick` fish, that is
 where they will go,and you won`t know,to be able to treat them. A balance must also
 be made as to the overall appearance of the tank to you, as it must look `just right` if
 it  is  the centre  display  in a main room.  You  are  probably  thinking  that  this  goes
 against  all  you  have been  reading,  but  it  is  from  my  experience,  and  to me is
 logical.  It  really  does work. GIVE IT A TRY !   The principle is, if you give RIFT LAKE
 CICHLIDS an inch  of  terratory, they  will take a mile!   Anyhow  if  you  think  WE can
 help  YOU  with  a  problem,  then  phone,  or  send an Email, ( which we prefer), and
 we`ll try and resolve it  with you.
                                                   Very Best Regards to you all.